It237 Week 2 Checkpoint

Topics: Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, Web page Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Throughout this paper I will be describing external, embedded, and inline types of cascading style sheets. Also, I will be providing a pro and a con for each type of cascading style sheet. First, I will be describing the external cascading style sheet as well as a pro and a con for the it. An external style is one in which you write the code in a document separate from the HTML for the web page. External style sheets are the preferred method for writing a CSS or cascading style sheet code because it can be used to format some or all of the pages at your website. One pro to using external CSS types is that they can be reused throughout websites and easy to maintain. One of the cons of external style is that in normal situations it is removed from HTML mails creating messy HTML layout. Next, I will be describing the embedded cascading style sheet as well as a pro and a con for it. An embedded style is where you would write the CSS or cascading style sheet code in the section of an HTML document. When using embedded style it only applies to the one document in which the code is embedded. One pro to using the embedded style it could be used for quick fixes. It could also be used for prototyping and simple test without having the inconvenience of switching back and forth between CSS documents and the HTML files themselves. One of the biggest cons in using the embedded type is that some of the email clients out there do no allow the styles in the heading. Last, I will be describing the inline cascading style sheet as well as a pro and a con for it. An inline style sheet is in which the CSS or cascading style sheet code is written directly on the element in which it affects. One of the pros to using inline style is that it has the highest precedence. This is simply put that no matter what these are going to be applied. Another pro is that they are easily added to a document and you do not have to create an entire new document. One con to using the inline type is that...
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