Css Description Types

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CSS Description Types

CSS Description Types
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language that is used to create one or more documents that control the appearance of some or all the pages at your Web site (Bojack, 2007). CSS styles have three categories: external, embedded, and inline. Each of these categories has its own pros and cons to using them. Each one is chosen to use based on the circumstance of what you are trying to achieve on your Web page. An external style is one in which you write the CSS code in a document separate from the HTML for the Web page (Bojack, 2007). External style sheets can be used to format all of the pages or some on your Web site which is the pro to using it. This is the preferred method to use by most Web designers. The external style sheet file consists only of CSS comments and code (Bojack, 2007). The con to using an external style is that if you accidentally apply an embedded style or inline style sheet to your pages the external style sheet will not override the inline or embedded style. An embedded style is one in which you write the CSS code in the section of an HTML document (Bojack, 2007). This type of style only applies to the one document in which it is used. A pro to using embedded style would be that the Web page loads faster when using this type of style. A con would be that this style limits the ability to apply formatting changes globally to your Web site (Bojack, 2007). An inline style is one that is written in the section of an HTML document (Bojack, 2007). The pro and con to using this style is that inline styles override both external styles and embedded styles on your Web page. If you use too many of these you can lose the ability to change your format globally later which is the con. If you need to constantly update one line of text (sales information) you can use this style to go in and only change what you need...
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