Website Plan

Topics: Adolescence, Need, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Website Plan

Stevie Perry

University of Phoenix Web 237

The first section of my website purpose contains the communication of my site purpose, my target audience and my content needs. My website will be called This website will have the accessibility to download books for purchase or view online for a lesser fee. The purpose of this website is for children and teenagers alike to utilize the website for educational purposes as well as obtain different reading materials for their personal use. My target audience would be different ages of children as well as parents who may want to use the educational part of this website to help educate their children who enjoy the computer. They can use this website for the educational needs as well as needs for other books children may like. The website will contain books for reading, handwriting, math, and foreign languages. In addition, it will have the links to enter fictional as well as non-fictional reading material. The teenager will have the luxury of viewing teen reading materials. As far as the educational materials, it will allow access to all the basic materials that are used today in the school system. All subjects from English, math, and foreign languages as well as study guides for all classes and the SAT and ACT.

The contents that are needed at the present time would be programs such as Adobe Flash and HMTL to create an interesting interactive navigation site. This site would not have to have the three click rule because of the fact having children or parents navigating through the website could become frustrating if they can’t find the information that they are looking for. The style that I choose to use for my website is the Hierarchical form. My reason for this is because it is simplified to my audience and easy to navigate through. After doing this, I will also need the CSS to encode the website as well as make the website have more...
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