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Trafford College| Web Design Assignment|

Trafford College| Web Design Assignment|

In order for my website to be somewhat successful it’s a positive practice to do a lot of research into numerous current different designs of websites and their distinctive layouts. There are several different ways in which the artists have displayed their work and creations over various websites and galleries. There are many hundreds of different artist’s websites available online, I have for the purposes of this design chosen a select few that I have taken an interest in and have gone into great detail regarding both the design and layouts of each individual site. The first website I’ll be looking at is a website of the photographer Faye Sampson. Faye Sampson (http://www.fayesampson.com/)

Home Page/Title Screen:

The homepage of this site is very simple and artistic, giving a very clear reflection of the style of photography that the artist creates, very fashion orientated. One of the negative features of this website however was that the front page and subsequent pages were all overloaded with images. By this I mean that it seems like perhaps the site had in mind the idea to have a scrolling image board, however in a somewhat “rush” to get the page released, it seems the decision was backed down upon. I also unfortunately on this website cannot evaluate any menu pages, as the site was designed in such a way that the homepage serves as both a welcome page, as well as they key to navigating the entire site. This was one of the more prominent reasons why I chose to analyse this website, due to this being quite unique, with other sites having numerous different pages to navigate to get to where you want to go.

Video Page:
Above is the video portion of the website, showing the videos in which the photographer herself has created. It has the same design as the home page, again with easy access to other parts of the website using the navigation tool on the left hand side. As I stated previously, it shows the scrolling aspect of the page, however clearer on this image I believe. I’m not sure whether this was intentional, so I won’t make either negative or positive comments regarding this – however I will state this would be something I would try to avoid doing on my own webpage.

Bio Page
Above is the bio page of the website, detailing information about the artist, detailing her current work, her work commitments, awards that she has won, and newspapers and galleries where her work is currently shown/held. The design follows the layout of the other pages which makes it very easy to navigate. The image used is very clear, and again – holds the same design principle as the rest of the site. Most of the information on this page would be only for the people actually offering her work. This will be worth taking into account when designing my page.

Contact Page
The contact page contains a form where the user can send a message to the photographer herself or one of the photography team that she works with. It features a somewhat typical email layout. The navigation bar stays at the left hand side of the page. Again, like with all the other pages on the site, she has kept to the theme and kept it very minimal, but looks artistic and maintains the ease of use. In summary of this particular page, I like the simplistic design of the website. It has a minimalist feel, which is in perfect parallel with the style of the photographer herself. The website was very much created with her artistic flair and design in mind. Some criticisms however were on the pages showing her artwork, it seemed as though the pictures were on an infinite loop, I felt that this could have been changed with perhaps an overlay changing the pictures every few seconds, which would have removed the scrolling at the bottom of the page, making the page more minimalistic in its view, and adding to the overall look of...
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