HTML5 Digital Classroom

Topics: HTML, World Wide Web, Web browser Pages: 325 (88347 words) Published: March 12, 2013
HTML5 Digital Classroom

Jeremy Osborn and the AGI Training Team

Starting Up Section One: Essentials of HT ML, HT ML5, and CSS Lesson 1: Defining HT ML5 Lesson 2: Fundamentals of HT ML, XHT ML, and CSS Lesson 3: Formatting T ext with CSS Lesson 4: Introduction to CSS Layout Lesson 5: Advanced CSS Layout Section T wo: HT ML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript Lesson 6: Using HT ML5 Markup Lesson 7: Creating HT ML5 Forms Lesson 8: Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery Lesson 9: Working with Video and Audio Elements Lesson 10: Working with Canvas

Lesson 11: Styling with CSS3 Lesson 12: CSS3 Media Queries and the Future of CSS3 Lesson 13: Offline Storage in HT ML5 Lesson 14: HT ML5 Geolocation Lesson 15: HT ML5 Drag and Drop Appendix: HT ML5 Elements and Attributes

Using this book
This book will get you up-and-running fast with HTML5 and CSS3. The HTML5 Digital Classroom is divided into two sections. The first section covers the fundamentals of HTML5 along with the essentials of styling text and creating page layouts using XHTML/HTML and CSS. If you are new to web page development, or are updating your skills from using HTML tables for layout, or simply want a refresher in CSS and HTML fundamentals, start with section one. Even if you consider yourself a skilled web pro, start with lesson one before jumping ahead to the second section where you’ll dive into HTML5. The second section makes up the bulk of this book. Feel free to jump ahead to this if you are an experienced web designer or developer, and already have a solid grasp of the fundamentals involved with coding HTML and CSS. Some of the foundational material contained in the first five lessons of this book was originally published in the Web Design with HTML and CSS Digital Classroom, and it has been updated for use in this book.

About HTML5 Digital Classroom
The HTML5 Digital Classroom provides you with the information you need to explore and understand the rapidly evolving landscape of web technologies. You may already have some experience building web pages and websites and may even be experienced with design tools like Dreamweaver or Expression Web. While HTML5 and related technologies such as CSS3 and JavaScript are still undergoing revision, this book

as CSS3 and JavaScript are still undergoing revision, this book helps you understand the underlying concepts for organizing, creating, and delivering web content effectively using best practices. The HTML5 Digital Classroom helps you to get up-and-running quickly with HTML5. While you can work through the lessons in this book in any sequence, we recommend that you start in at the first lesson and progress through the book in the sequence in which they are presented. If you are an experienced web developer, you may decide to start in lesson one, then glance over lessons two through five and resume your learning with lessons six through 15. Each lesson is designed to be standalone, so if you need to focus on a particular part of HTML5, feel free to jump right to that section. Each lesson includes detailed, step-by-step instructions, background information, companion video tutorials that relate directly to the lesson in the book, and lesson files for you to follow along with the concepts being presented. The HTML5 Digital Classroom is like having your own expert instructor guiding you through each lesson while you work at your own pace. This book includes 15 self-paced lessons that let you discover essential skills, explore web design, and learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques that will save you time and allow you to more easily create effective HTML5 websites. You’ll become productive right away with real-world exercises and simple explanations. Each lesson includes step-bystep instructions, lesson files, and video tutorials, all of which are available on

available on The HTML5 Digital Classroom lessons are developed by the same team of...
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