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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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September 18, 2011
Professor Elizabeth Blackwell

During the course of nine weeks, I have studied and constructed the first of what I hope will be many Web sites. The course subjects I learned included planning the site, planning the navigation around the site, learning how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using graphics and color to enhance the site, and creating pleasing layouts. However, most important aspect of designing a Web site that I learned was to adhere to web design best practices. These best practices help to “create well-coded Web sites to strictly follow the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The World Wide Web Consortium was organized to set recommended practices that would guarantee the open nature of the Web in 1992. My first Web site, My Life: Capturing the Moments, Creating the Memories, is an autobiographical photography portfolio, is targeted for a private audience of my family and close friends. The purpose of this Web site project was to create a lasting record of who I am for my children, grandchildren, and family members I will never know. I felt it was important for my family to know its roots in the same way that the Fords, the Rockefellers, and other prominent families know of their ancestors. Although this audience is private in nature, best practices are included in the design of the Web site. WEB DESIGN BEST PRACTICES

Page Layout and Navigation
My Life is meant to be viewed as a photograph album. The goal is to have visitors view it on a monitor screen as they would a coffee table book. My goal in making it appealing to the target audience was to use a linear structure that guides the user along a straightforward path (Sklar, 2009). The book-like linear layout is a simple structure which will guide the visitor forwards and backwards through the Web site pages. Clearly labeled links at the bottom of each page allows the visitor to move...
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