Web 3.0

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  • Published : June 13, 2011
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Web 3.0. A significant step in the evolution of WWW or marketing motion?

Nowadays there are a lot of discussions about Web 2.0. Just everyone has heard about it. The discussions attract even those, who badly understand what actually it is! In Russia popularity of this generation of WWW is bound to well-known odnoklassniki.ru vkontakte.ru - the most frequently visited social networking sites. But people are impatient, so do not have enough enjoyed the interactive features of Web 2.0, but already talk about Web 3.0 - the next generation of World Wide Web! Web 3.0 refers to the next stage of logical structure and interfaces development, new principles of Web resources. In addition, the actual problem is creation of a new economic model, as funding in the concept of Web 2.0 is one of its weaknesses. Web 3.0 is defined as a high-quality content and services that are created by talented professionals on the technological platform of Web 2.0. The main idea of Web 3.0 is that the users, who have personally been involved in the content creation, now work together. So what is Web 3.0, a significant step in the evolution of the Internet or just another marketing motion? It is true, that the term Web 2.0 has rights to exist. The concept of second Web brings both advantages and disadvantages, but it has totally changed the view on the Internet, has changed its “idea”. Web 2.0 has brought fast development of blogs, social networks, file-sharing networks, AJAX, XML, RSS, and other technologies, that nowadays are widely spread. Of course, huge investments in Web 2.0 projects, which are often not profitable, may lead to bankruptcy of many companies, as it was in 2001. I try to predict what will happen with social networks in the near future. Many users have already lost interest in projects like "Schoolmates", because they found everyone wanted, and questions, like "How are you / your wife / your kids?" discussed. Therefore, I agree with the opinion of some analysts, that...
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