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  • Published: March 17, 2014
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Corporate Memos
LaTasha Delaney
March 4, 2014
Christopher Robbins


Date: March 4, 2014
To: Manager
From: LaTasha Delaney
Subject: Web Conferencing Programs
Good evening Mr. Charles. Earlier today you asked me to research some possible web conferencing programs that may help the company weekly status meetings. Since you assigned me to this task, I have found some programs that may work. I believe the best program that might fit the company needs would be due to cost is Skype a free web conferencing program.

Adobe Connect $55 month
For an aggressively evaluated $55/month there can be up 99 of partners who can film meeting, impart and comment records, movies, and each other computers, and revise the way the environment looks and feel , be it an universal web conferencing gathering, a workshop, or a preparation setting. Include a cross-stage computer customer and great versatile help iOS, Android, and exactly ready Blackberry Playbook to discover any obstructions to gain access to. There are many phenomenal choices accessible; Adobe Connect is the most loved because of the usability, value, and list of capabilities.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center $49 month

Cisco Webex Meeting Center is a monthly fee of $49 or yearly fee of $468. The interface availability with execution that allow the younger generation like iMeet . On account of generous ventures in its base (sixteen server farms and iPops), Webex allotments screens, films, and up six video conferencing encourages without recoiling or asking clients to introduce program additional items, plugins, or provisions. Include a competitive value focus, bounteous subordinate administrations, and liberal versatile help (counting facilitating from iPhones and iPads), and Webex has fixed the position as business pioneer. In the event that you're requesting expert vicinity in the grandest as known as web conferencing, the response is expression: Webex.

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