Water Filters and Their Comparison

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Activated Carbon Filters Media
[pic]"Activated" carbon filter media is produced by super-heating dried coconut husks in a low oxygen environment, using a process called pyrolysis. The resulting "biochar" husk, is a purified form of carbon, containinglarge amounts of cellular sized surface area, negatively charged to attract positively charged toxins. Toxins in the water become attached to the husk's carbon surfaces.Over time, the attractive charge of carbon surfaces are neutralized, making it time to change the filter. There are many types of carbon water filters that can be easy to install and are low in cost. The use of carbon filter media is wide spread, both in public and private water systems.

Carbon Filters - Two Basic Types:

9.75 inch standard carbon filter
1. Carbon Block - a super heatedcarbon extrusion that forms carbon into a solid, yet porous block. Solid block carbon provides the properties of a sediment filter, while also increasing surface area. However, flow rate can be significantly slower than granulated activated charcoal. 2. Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) - comes in various granule sizes depending on the application. Finer granular sizes have more surface area but can also produce a channeling effect. GAC is the most widely used form of carbon filter media. Carbon, water and trapped particles, left together in a sealed, low oxygen, environment, can allow anaerobic microbes to reproduce, especially when the filter is left unused for a couple of weeks. To eliminate this bacterial problem, silver is sometimes added or "impregnated" to provide an antibacterial effect. Another approach is to eliminating water-borne bacteria is the combination KDF and carbon media within the same filter housing. Some sediment filter media can remove virus sized particles down to .01 micron or larger. All carbon filters will have reduced efficiency over time. Regular filter replacement is essential to good filter performance. If the taste of the water changes, after an extended period of non-use, such as after a vacation, it's time to change the carbon filter. Check with the manufacture to see how long any given filter is expected to last. To make a fair comparison the filter's life span is measured by effectively filtered gallons.

Carbon Filters Come in Various Shapes and Sizes:

• Small custom carbon filters, attached directly to the kitchen faucet. Pur, Brita • Small custom carbon filters, contained inside a water filter pitcher. Pur, Brita • 9.8 x 2.8 (inches) carbon filter, enclosed in a standard 10 inch filter housing • 9.8 x 4.4 (inches) carbon filter, enclosed in a wider "Big Blue" filter housing. • 20 x 2.8 (inches) carbon, enclosed in a standard 20" filter housing • 20 x 4.4 (inches) carbon, enclosed in a wider "Big Blue" 20" filter housing • Gravity fed systems using carbon filter media.

What Carbon Doesn't Remove?

Carbon filter media by itself is incapable of removing heavy metals, such as, copper and lead. Heavy metal water sources include, older houses and public works using lead pipes, that have been shown to leach lead into drinking water. Copper pipes using acidic well water will produce green stains on tub and sink surfaces. However, KDF filter media is capable of removing heavy metals, see below. "Hard water" contains "alkaline minerals" such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, that can pass through a charcoal filter without restriction. Research shows how mineral water can be essential to promoting optimum health in humans. Carbon Removes:

Chlorine[pic], Chloramine[pic] Endocrine Disruptors[pic] Pharmaceutical Drugs[pic] Pesticides[pic] Disinfection By-Products[pic] Improves Taste[pic]

KDF Filter Media - Kinetic Degradation Fluxion

KDF is a redox filtration media, researched, developed and patented by Don Heskett, founder of KDF fluid treatment. KDF converts free chlorine to a harmless chloride. This media of high-purity...
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