Coconut as Activated Fiber Muffler Filter

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  • Published : January 27, 2012
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Valenzuela City Science High School
A. Marcelo St., Dalandanan, Valenzuela City

The Use of Coconut Shells (Cocos Nucifera mesocarp)
As Green Activated Carbon Fiber
For Muffler Air Filter

Group Members:
De Leon, Glenn Patrick C.
Enmil Jr., Rolando Manuel P.
Santos-Diaz, Zoe Marie C.
Suyat, Pauline Jirah A.

Submitted to:
Mr. Albert Tolentino

Date Submitted:
Aug. 10, 2011

Chapter 1: Introduction

Statement of the Problem
A. General problem:
1. How could we use coconut shells to come up to an activated carbon fiber?

B. Specific problem:
1. What would be the duration of transforming the coconut shells to be activated carbon? 2. How can activated carbon fiber help to filter air in vehicle muffler? 3. What are the benefits and uses of the possible outcome of the research?


A. Alternative Hypothesis:
Coconut shells are able to produce activated carbon fiber for muffler air filter.

B. Null Hypothesis:
Coconut shells cannot produce activated carbon fiber for muffler air filter.

Scope and Limitations
The study will determine the feasibility of coconut shells in making activated carbon fiber for muffler air filter. This research includes the materials and methods that will be used. It also contains the significance of the study and the possible uses of the outcome or result to help our environment. This study has also its own limitations, such that the materials are within the community and the processes will be conducted under the supervision of the research team and the investigatory project adviser.

Significance of the Study
This study is mainly composed of natural materials like the coconut shells used to make activated carbon fiber. Green activated carbon is very helpful and environment friendly because it can help to cleanse and reduce the pollution in the air produced by vehicle muffler. The product of the study will also use less expensive materials so...
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