Tap Water Pros and Cons

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Tap Water Pros and Cons
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Monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA).| Some water is carried in lead pipes from utility companies to homes, which means lead can leach from pipes into the water.| Amendments to the Safe
Drinking Water Act (SWDA)of 1996 have made drinking
water safer.| The EPA allows tap water to have 10 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic in it, although scientists now know there is no safe level of arsenic.| Numerous tests are conducted to ensure safety of tap water

and there are drinking water standards for regulated contaminants.| Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products as Pollutants (PPCPs) get introduced into the water supplies by individuals or agribusiness either through sewer lines, regular use of the products, or improper disposal.| Most community water supplies have the added benefit of fluoridation and that promotes strong teeth and prevents tooth decay.| According to neurosurgeon, Russell L. Blaylock, in his book Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life,fluoride does not reduce cavities, and it is neurotoxic at .5 parts per million. Furthermore, he claims fluoride causes dental and skeletal fluorosis, damages DNA repair enzymes, and increases your risk for cancer, hypothyroidism, genetic damage, and osteoporosis.| Water system operators have to be certified.| Higher lead levels are allowed in tap water than bottled water because lead pipes usually carry water from utility companies to homes. Tap water lead levels are set at 15 ppb and bottled water is set at 5 ppb.| To make water safe, bacteria and other organisms are killed when chlorine or another disinfectant is added.| Potential health affectsfrom microorganisms, disinfectants and their byproducts, inorganic and organic chemicals, and radionuclides include everything from eye/nose irritations to kidney and liver diseases.| The EPA gives you access to your annual local water quality report.| Giardia and...
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