Waste Management: Lawsuit against SAP for Alleged Fraud and Breach of Contract

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  • Published : July 21, 2012
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Waste management Sues SAP for alleged fraud and breach of contract

1. What actions should WMI have taken to lessen the risk of this project and avoid these problems?

* The two parties should have an understandable and proper conversation or agreement to avoid this kind of matter. And I think it’s a right decision for filing a case against SAP because they have no done their jobs well, the erroneous functions and the late submission of the system. And for other companies to experience the same thing. They also should have told SAP earlier that that the project that they have done is not good for the environment and they also violated the contract. *

2. What sort of losses has WMI incurred from the delay of this project? How has the lack of success on this project affected SAP?

* The name of WMI was put in bad state because of what had happened and also for the money that they spent on the project. And because of the delay of the project, maybe the company just has some problems like slow process in their company. It also had a big effect on SAP because of what happened because they might loss of their customer and the trust of other company.

3. Do research on the Web to find out the current status of the lawsuits between WMI and SAP. Write a brief report summarizing your findings.

* WMI is seeking recovery of all costs it has incurred on this project as well as the savings and benefits that the SAP software was promised to deliver to WMI the company said in a statement. Waste Management originally sued SAP for fraud in March 2008 over an allegedly failed implementation of its ERP software while SAP had fired back with charges that Waste Management didn’t timely and accurately define its business requirements nor provide sufficient, knowledgeable, decision-empowered users and managers to work on the project. However, SAP declined to comment about this matter.
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