Waiters and Wheels

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Table of Contents
Sr. No| Topic| Pg. No|
1.| Abstract | 3|
2.| Introduction| 4|
3.| Analysis of current system| 4|
4.| Solutions for problems| 5|
5.| Feasibility study| 5|
6.| Feasibility report| 6|
7.| Operational feasibility PIECES Framework| 7|
8.| Schedule Feasibility | 8|
9.| Economic Feasibility| 9|
10.| Stages of SSADM| 10|
11.| Detail business specification| 11|
12.| Flowchart| 12|
13.| Context Level Diagram| 13|
14.| Data Flow Diagram| 14|
15.| ER-Diagram| 16|
16.| Physical Design | 17|
17.| Individual reports| 24|


The main objective of the project is to identify the different framework of activities associated with methodologies and describe how the techniques are used together to develop a system. The project includes the standard methodology to develop the system and documenting of project as well. The methodology selected by our team is SSADM which stands for structured system analysis and design. The selected methodology has been clearly justified and compared to other related methodology. All the mandatory requirement and specification for creating the system design are explained briefly. Physical and logical designs are mapped accurately having clear and detailed documentation of designing phase.

To complete this project in effective way . had contributed their best so that all criteria can be covered efficiently. Anyone can understand easily as there is a good command on language through the whole documentation of project.

They were two students Sue & Tom Bickford studying in college who also worked as part time job in a restaurant and always dreamt to open their own restaurant. Their initial investment was always out of reach so they noticed many restaurants that offer home delivery service .They got an idea of opening their own restaurant without high investment .This idea came to their mind after meeting many people who wanted home delivery service with their complete food selection. By this, they opened a restaurant “Waiter on Wheels” in 1997.This restaurant provides food delivery to the customers by gathering the meals form different restaurants and providing under one roof. Customers liked this service very much and their business waiter on wheels was increasing day by day. As there was increase in the number of customers and their orders they started facing some problems to run their business effectively. Analysis of current system

Now we are going to analyze the current system of waiter on wheels. Customer calls waiter on wheels to place the order, waiter on wheels will then inform to related restaurants and to driver to take the delivery form the restaurant and place it to the desired customer address. The driver picks the order form restaurants and delivers to the customer and comes back to waiter on wheels. Problems faced in existing system

* Limited user involvement
* Inadequate resources & requirement
* Business requirement have changed between commencement and deliverance * Absence of CASE support for analysis and design
* Low level of involvement of users was due to lack on ownership and assurance of the system * Inadequate techniques
* Inadequate designing and tools
* No updating of database management system

Solutions for the existing problems:
The only solution for the problem is to adapt the computerized customer support system to support their business operations which will help them with the accurate and faster calculations to produce * End of day deposit slip

* Weekly report of restaurants
* Sales report as per their desire i.e....
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