Waiters on Wheels

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For this project, you will be required to put into practice the tasks associated with the Systems Analysis and Design module. You should work in GROUPS OF FOUR (4) for this project.

It is essential that individual members of the group realize their responsibility to their peers and behave in a professional manner.


1. To identify the framework of activities associated with methodologies and describe how the techniques are used together to develop a system 2. To demonstrate, apply and document, to the appropriate standard, the key techniques of analysis and design for the chosen paradigm 3. To identify the key user interface issues required in a system design


Group Assignment (70%)

Each team should:
← Analyze the existing system carefully as provided in the case study. In areas that lack information, the team may make logical assumptions which need to be documented in their reports. ← Identify the problems in the existing systems and propose a solution. ← Prepare a feasibility report. A schedule feasibility report and an operational feasibility report would suffice o The schedule feasibility report should contain:

▪ Workload matrix
▪ Gantt chart – to be done using an appropriate project management tool o The operational feasibility should be discussed using PIECES framework ← Compare some appropriate / related methodologies and suggest a suitable one for developing the proposed system. Justify the selection ← Identify the breakdown of work associated with the chosen methodology which would be undertaken. (Note: the tasks should be limited to the analysis and design stage, i.e. not including the development / coding and stages thereafter). ← Suggest with justification and apply appropriate techniques of determining user requirements. Summarize the findings. ← Demonstrate and apply the key techniques of analysis for the chosen methodology based on the findings. ← Develop a prototype of the proposed solution using a proprietary database tool by designing the input, output and dialogue screen that matches with the logical design. ← Document each stage of the analysis and design to the appropriate standards. ← Present the solution

Individual Assignment (15%)

Each team member / individual should prepare a formal documentation of and present the ← physical design which was done by the individual – with the appropriate explanation / description of the design with regards to the finalized logical design ← a critical evaluation of the assignment in terms of problems encountered and how they were overcome, lessons learnt, etc. according to appropriate standards

Individual Presentation (15%)

Each team member / individual should:
← Present his / her contribution of the solution for the Group Assignment Marks awarded here would depend on Project Knowledge / Professionalism and Contribution of the individual.



Students are reminded that this is designed to be a group effort. It is not therefore sensible for every group member to be involved in every activity, though overall findings should be discussed and agreed by the group as a whole. Each individual is required to attach to his / her report a signed peer-to-peer evaluation form (to be provided by the module lecturer). This form allows the individual to assess his / her peers’ contribution to the project as well as illustrates the contribution of each team member. It should be remembered that people who do not contribute to the exercise cannot reasonably expect to get any marks from it.

Minutes of meetings

Each group is to regularly submit the minutes of meetings to the module lecturer. The report should among other things contain details such as: ⇨ date, start time, end time and venue of the meeting

⇨ attendees / absentees – with or without apology
⇨ reporting of previous meetings / outcomes...
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