Dried Guava Leaves as Mulch for Tomato Plants

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Dried Guava Leaves as Organic Mulch for Tomato Plants
Investigatory Project

I.Background of the Study
Mulching is a method in agriculture whereas it enriches and fertilizes the soil planted with crop. It is both equally safe and profitable. Leaf mulch is like fertilizer. They are decayed leaves that are one of the best soil conditioners that can be added to garden or crops. Unlike fresh fallen leaves, which are quite acidic and use the nitrogen in the soil when decaying, leaf mulch adds humus to the soil and amends it. While compost is excellent for improving soil texture and adding nutrients to the soil, the broken down mulch (often referred to as leaf mold) is the best soil amendment that can be used.

Leaf mulch helps maintain soil moisture thus evaporation is reduced and the need for watering is minimized, and also improves the structure of the soil; provides carbon, a much-needed ingredient in all good soil types; delays the growth of weeds and runoff of rainfall; protect roots and stems from sudden changes in temperature and is a fantastic home for earth worms (worm castings add more nutrients to the soil) and other beneficial bacteria.

We chose tomato plants because the said plant grows at a fast pace in a short amount of time and changes are evident.

II.Statement of the Problem
The study addresses the question: Will there be a difference between a plant with mulch and a plant with none?

To compare homemade mulch with store-bought fertilizer
The comparison of the time growth of the plants with and without mulch •To observe if there are physical changes (height, number of fruit that had been bared.. etc.) between the two variables (tomato plant with and without mulch)

IV.Significance of the Project (Who should benefit first and foremost with your project, No subtitles. The paragraphs should be connected to each other)

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