Topics: Bicycle, Automobile, Transport Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Nowadays we have many different means of transportation. For instance, on land, we can use bicycles, motorcycles, cars, train, and horses. On the water we have ship, hydroplanes, submarines. In the air we have airplanes and for a few fortunate astronauts, spacecrafts. It is rather difficult for me to tell what means of transportation is the most rewarding because I haven't had opportunity to try all them. Then, too.I think much depend on what kind of trips we make- short trips or distant ones. Based on the experiences I have had, I think that the automobile is my favorite means of travel. I select this kind of transportation for the following reasons. An automobile is less tiring and more comfortable than traveling on a Honda or bicycle. A person escapes the hot sun, wind, rain in a car.I think the automobile is more convinient than traveling by train too, beccause it allows a person to adjust his rate of speedand stop whenever he desires. It also allows one to regulate one own's time. He can start whenever he wishes and doesn't have to meet a certain fixed depature time. Then, too, one can select one's companions and doesn't have to sit by or share seats with strangers. a trip by automotobile is usually less noisy and smoky, so one arives cleaner and less tired than he would if he traveled on a train.I realize that traveling by automotobile has some undersirable points such as mechanical problems, flat tires, collisions and accidents. Inspite of all these, I still prefer an automotobile to others type of transpotation. I would like, however, to have an opportunity to try some of other kinds of transportation. From what I have read, they look as if they might be exciting and good for certain kinds of travel.
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