A Car vs. Public Transportation

Topics: Train, Automobile, Transportation Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Ayesha F. Quadri
Professor Carrillo
English 60B
3 December 2010
A Car vs. Public Transportation
When it comes to saving some money during this economic downturn, what do people prefer to use for going to work or anywhere in particular. Many people prefer using public transportation over driving your own car. No doubt, driving your own vehicle gives you some kind of flexibility in timings, yet it is not hazard free. Travel by public transport is hassles free and you no need to worry even where to park your car. Every mode of transport has some benefits and some drawbacks. The cost factor of transport by car or public transportation is quite a lot of time commuting that public transport will be out on top. These are some of the costs involved with traveling by public transport vs. the car. A car will need fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance and repairs and parking costs. For public transport the costs of tickets, food or drink, and newspapers for it is optional. When you look at things this way then there are obviously more costs involved with driving a car to work every day or to school. Some people would argue that rising public transport prices is the gap that is rapidly closing; however, there is a certainty the potential for more expense when using a car. Yet, some people may get lucky and have a very reliable vehicles that rarely something goes wrong and it would cost very little to run on fuel. I have always had very bad luck with cars, and have sometimes ended up paying double the value of the car in repairs and maintenance. There are some real advantages of using a car to travel to work rather than public transport although many of them are objective. What one commuter loves, another will hate. These are some of the reasons people may prefer to use a car to travel rather than paying for public transport. When travelling in your own car, you have your own space. You do not have to worry about crowded trains or buses. Annoyances like crying children,...
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