Gas Prices

Topics: Automobile, Internal combustion engine, Capitalism Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Erin Gauthier
I'm torn about the cost- benefit analysis between deciding to increase taxes to alleviate pollution and improve the environment. The cost of gas is expensive enough and car companies are employing new tactics to alleviate most of the pollution that cars cause, by the use of electric cars, cars that have higher gas mileage, smaller cars, smaller engines and inspection regulations for each automobile to be done every year. As far as raising gas prices, I think that will cause more damage than good. People rely too much on transportation nowadays to make gas expensive. It would potentially put the economy back into a recession.

I have a full-time job that is 30 miles away from where I live. It would take me three hours to get to work every day if I had to take public transportation, as I would have to board four buses to get there. I would have no choice but to pay the current gas prices just to get back and forth to work, which would take away from being able to pay for my other bills, such as mortgage, utilities, food, healthcare, etc.

I would have to take the utilitarian approach and say that increasing gas prices to produce cleaner air is not a good idea. In my opinion, it would cause more bad than good. It would lead to potentially far more harmful problems than what little pollution cars produced today, such as job loss, foreclosures, economic failure, poverty, heighten crime, and so on. (p59)

I also don't believe that the US government has the moral right to intervene in automobile companies, and forcing them to manufacture certain types of cars. There should be a variety for a consumer to choose from and if that consumer chooses to purchase a "gas guzzler"then he should be allowed. In my circumstance, being a mother of four children, I have no choice but to drive a seven seater automobile. One which comes equipped with a larger engine to be considered a " gas guzzler". There is not much difference between the engine of a family...
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