Vulnerary Tourism

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Vulnerary Tourism

The theme of the Annual Project Paper is “Vulnerary Tourism”, which is not the most live and discussed issue in Latvia today. This type of works have not been common, therefore, it is necessary to explore how vulnerary tourism has developed and what the current offer in the territory of Latvia is. The Aim of the Project Paper is to find out the development of the vulnerary tourism in Latvia and the progress during the years. Latvia has always been known for its health resorts but during the changes of the political system the splendour of vulnerary tourism in Latvia has disappeared. The Paper consists of four main chapters. In the first chapter the notion of vulnerary tourism and its classification has been stated. The second chapter deals with the history of vulnerary tourism in Latvia and worldwide, its development and expansion. The third chapter summarises vulnerary resources in Latvia and gives the information of its history and the present situation. In the last chapter of the Project Paper the quantitative data of the research has been analysed. The collected data proves that vulnerary tourism in Latvia is not as popular and well known as it was. Despite the multishaped offer, this type of tourism has lost its actuality in Latvia. Health resorts have lost its publicity, still SPA resorts, which also represent vulnerary tourism, have become more known. The Author of the Project Paper holds a view that these SPA resorts could reanimate vulnerary tourism in Latvia. The Project Paper reveals that vulnerary tourism has greatly developed but still it has to be admitted that health resorts in Latvia have lost their potential greatly. One of the conclusions made by the Author is that it is necessary to develop and improve the resorts in Latvia so that tourists would like to try the vulnerary tourism in Latvia. Various sources of literature has been used for work design: books, training papers and was carried out extensive analysis of...
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