Volvo 240 1992 Station Wagon Pros and Cons

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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 Unless it's been substantially abused or in a serious accident you can't go wrong with a 240. Mine went 375,000 miles until I traded it in. Shoulda kept it. They're essentially bulletproof and usually only require routine maintenance to keep them going. The case can be made for them being underpowered but that's a plus as far as I'm concerned. Wagon or not? That depends on how you plan to use the car. You could also say that gas mileage isn't the best for a four-cylinder car. That's minor too. Source(s):

Volvo owner and maintainer since 1968. Fourteen Volvos in forty-one years, still have four. * 3 years ago
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 hobbabob
1 comfortable on long trips, piratical for short ones
2 reasonable gas mileage
3 if kept up these will last for ever.
4 these are pretty easy to maintain yourself [if so inclined] 5 sort of timeless styling that still looks good even today
6 these cars are safe if seat belts are worn properly. they crash well leaving the passenger cabin fairly intact, even in a head on crash. 7 these cars seem somewhat invisible to police when at speed. cons.

1 these are slow [in stock form]
2 handling, well the factory did not intend for these to be entered in auto-cross events.

fortunately these two cons can be remedied [the people at ipd usa are very helpful]. * 3 years ago
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 Dalton
ive got a 88 volvo 240dl sedan with 218000 miles and its a great car, not fast or anything, but it just keeps going, my parents bought it new and theyv just had to change the motor and tranny oil thats it, every thing works except the AC and theyv never replaced any parts, just the normal stuff like brake pads and tires * 3 years ago

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 Master CYLINDER!
Pros: Exceptionally safe and reliable. (safe for it's time)

Cons: slower than Christmas

Opinion: I love the shape and...
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