Folding Scooter

Topics: Mechanical engineering, Project management, Finite element method Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: May 8, 2011
CE 3.2 Background
CE 3.2.1 The project was an essential criterion in order to satisfy the requirements for my engineering degree and hence was very important. The main aim of the project was to design and fabricate a scooter which can be folded and can be extended when in use and can easily be carried around. This idea was one of the favourite topics of Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at my college and therefore when he asked me to undertake the project as part of the requirements of my engineering degree I was very excited and I too had a very keen interest in this field. CE 3.2.2 For the purpose of the project I formed a group of four with three other fellow students. We were allocated a staff advisor from the Faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to help and guide us to complete the project. CE 3.2.3 Being my first major project, I was very eager to contribute a great deal to it and volunteered to lead the project team, something which I had never done before. As part of my role as the project leader I was responsible for coordinating the team, developing a project plan, and also resolving the disputes and conflicts within the team. Along with managing the project, as part of the project team I had the following responsibilities. •To develop the design for the folding scooter

To purchase the parts that are needed for the project that can be obtained directly from the market. •To manage the financial aspects of the project including preparing the cost estimates. •To work on the manufacture and assembly of the final vehicle. •To coordinate and play a role in the preparation of the final report.

CE 3.2.4 Objective of the Project
To design and fabricate a scooter:
That can be folded easily
Which is compact
That takes minimum time to assemble and dismantle
Which can be used by everyone
Which has good rider comfort
Without compromising the rider’s safety
That can be easily carried
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