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Business Research

Business Research
Is the advertisement strategy used by Vodafone in India successful? Submitted to Submitted by Batch Reg. No. Prof. Dilip Hitesh Goyal Sheron Prabu PGPRM-9 MBA12 B BLR 0903071001 BLR 0903031042

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Business Research
1. Introduction
Vodafone is known for its unique advertisement campaign such as pug, happy to help service and latest released Zoozoo advertisement campaign. The Zoozoo¶s

advertisements were created in South Africa by Ogilvy & Mather, an international advertising, marketing, and public relations agency and Nirvana Films (Bangalore base company) used some animated characters to make these advertisements. It became so famous at little time that they made 30 advertisements base on Zoozoo. They spent near Rs. 30 million to make these advertisements. Now days it is one of the most admirable advertisements in India for example it has 35000 members on Facebook page which is increasing rapidly.

2. Company background
Vodafone is one of the leading global brands and in brand value ranking 2008 and it is ranked as the 11th largest telecommunication company in the world and 2nd in Europe. In the same way Vodafone Essar is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in India. It serves about 35 million customers who are located in different part of the country. It was during the year 2007, an UK-based Vodafone Group took over Hutchison Essar in India and renamed as Vodafone Essar. Hutchison Essar was controlled by Li Ka-Shing who was a Hong Kong billionaire. Vodafone paid $11.1 billion in order to get the 67% stake of Hutchison Essar. The acquisition of Hutchison Essar in India gave Vodafone an access to enter one of the fastest mobile growing markets, where the providers add about six million new connections every month. The company provides prepaid and postpaid connections; the company had the best mobile service in the country, most creative and an effective advertiser of the year. The company launched Apple iphone during 2008 to use in their 2G networks. Now the company has about 53 stores across India. The Company entered into agreement with NTT Do Como to launch I-mode mobile Internet service in India during 2007 (Capitaline, 2009).

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI): TRAI was established under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997 enacted on March 28, 1997. The goals

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Business Research
and objectives of TRAI encourage greater corporation in the telecom sector together with better quality and affordable prices.( trai.com)

3. Objective
y y y y y y y y y To learn how to make a business report To learn how to do business research Role of advertisements on the buying behaviour of the customer. To study the consumers¶ perception about Vodafone advertisement To study whom Vodafone is targeting Analyze why they changed their advertisement from pug to Zoozoo To recommend Vodafone how to make more effective advertisement strategy How to do a primary and secondary research to collect data How to do a proper sampling, selecting a particular group for the sampling

4. Executive summary
In this report we have analysis the present scenario of the Indian telecommunication sector and the main object to make this report is to study the effectiveness and the response towards the advertisement strategy used by Vodafone in India and other objective are clear the concept how to make business report and do business research. To complete this report we have used the primary data which we have collected by questioner from sample size of 30 people and interview with senior distributor of Vodafone and secondary data which we have collected from relevant website, journals and academic books

5. Literature review
Telecommunication sector in India: Telecommunication is an array of technology that sends information over a long distance; they have such as satellite, mobile, landlines. There are many big domestic as well as...
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