Visitor Motivations to Attend Events

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Food and wine festival2
Sport event3
Music Festival5
Cultural events6
Analysis of motivation8
Common motivation factors8
Unique motivation factors9
Need for organiser9

Visitor Motivations to Attend Events
Motivation is the force. Pinder, cited in Gällstedt (2003), defines motivation as ‘‘a set of energetic forces that originate both within as well as beyond an individual’s being to initiate work-related behaviours, and to determine its form, direction, intensity, and duration’’ (Gällstedt, 2003). Mullins (2008) describes motivation as this force which drives any person to show a specific behaviour towards any condition or situation or things. There are mainly two different natures of motivation one is come from person’s internal desire to do action. It is always self-applied and self accomplishment in individual. This kind of motivation is referring to the intrinsic motivation (Bratton et. al, 2010). While we discuss about the motivation of event visitor it also fall on this types of motivation visitor attend in the event to fulfil their personal desire. But there are different factors of motivation which fulfil visitors' desire. In the other hand extrinsic motivation works on external level of individuals. Every individual have expectation of external tangible outcomes like financial rewards, bonus, pay increase, profit share, and promotion in their job (Bratton et. al, 2010). The festival and events have extensively increased in number. Along with that its visitor also increased (Lee, 2000). Now a days events and festivals giving economy support to the hosting community or party. It's becoming an important tool for development for the community. Every year festivals and events are popular and visitor travel a long journey to participate. There are different kinds of events and festivals for example Sports, Cultural, Tourism, Music, Religious. Visitors of the events and festivals have their own purpose to attend on it. Each single visitor has motivation to attend on any kinds of events. In other words visitors' motivations to attend events and festivals are different. We can find visitor with different motivation in the same event. There are also some common motivational factors for visitors to attend different kinds of event above mention. ie there are some common motivational factor in different kinds of events and different motivation factor in same event. There are some unique motivational factors for some events which we cannot find in other events. Here we are going to discuss about the common motivation factors of different kinds of festivals as Food festival, sport festival music festival and cultural festival and their unique motivation factor in each kinds of festival. Food and wine festival

Food and wine festivals have becoming an important part of the special festival. It also an attraction points of tourist. Many tourists attend food or wine festivals to taste foods and wine. They experience special types of food and wine from these kinds of festivals [ (Hall & Mitchell, 2001) ]. As it is one of the important tourism activities Food and Wine festivals targeted to the tourist from international and local as well (Chang, 2011), (Chartersa & Ali-Knightb, 2002). Chang 2011 study on the visitors' motivation to attend a food festival in the Old Town Spring SpringFest which is a regional food festival in Old Town organized every year in March. The town located 20 miles north of Houston, Texas. Old town is a historic 1900's railroad town. He studied the motivation of the visitor in 10,000 populations which is the number of visitors in the festival every year. After study of motivation of visitor from different demography like age, gender, marital status, education, income he came with many motivations factors in food festival. The top five dimensions of motivation and more other motivation...
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