Video Game Delivery

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Final Project Documentation for Video Game Delivery Project

Prepared by:Video Game Delivery Project TeamDate:6/21/04

I. Project description
The Video Game Delivery Project is a case study our group chose, that attempts to establish a website in which customers can pay a monthly membership fee. Included in that fee, would be an unlimited ability to rent video games through our website. Also included, will be dependable shipping service, both to and from the customer. We have done market research to find out how what our market climate looks like. The key to our web based application will be to ensure that it is entirely user friendly. The website will have a strong search engine, and will supply a vast variety of video games to its customers. II.Project proposal and backup data (request for proposal, statement of work, proposalcorrespondence, and so on) (See Part 2: Task 5, on project website, for Gantt Chart)

Project Charter

Project Title: Video Game Delivery Project
Project Start Date: April 24, 2004
Project Finish Date: May 25, 2005
Project Manager: Lisa Webb

Project objectives: The main objective of this project is to develop a web based application that will provide video game rental and delivery service on a monthly rental basis. The characteristic of the system must include user-friendliness, that will provide access anytime, in several languages. Additional features that will accommodate customer needs include delivery tracking and free video game return.

• We will perform an evaluation on similar website applications. • We will conduct marketing research on the present market conditions for video game delivery. • We will consult an IT team to find how difficult adding referral tracking to the website may be. • We will develop a user-friendly website that will provide updated, comprehensive video game information to our customers. • We will recommend using similar method for shipping such as US Postal Service, First Class Mail and Federal Express for international shipping. • We will add a feature for customer feedback and reviews of the games.


|NAME |ROLES |RESPONSIBILTY | |Lisa Webb |Project manager/IT Specialist |Plan and execute project | |Richard Smith |IT Specialist |Web design | |Sara Anderson |Marketing Specialist |Conduct market research. | |Todd Newman |Marketing Specialist |Assistant to Sara will provide report and issues on the | | | |project. | |Alex Snyder |Purchasing Specialist |Assist in purchasing software | |Lori Spellman |Project Sponsor |Provide direction and monitoring |

Sign-Off: (Signature of all the stakeholders. Can sign by their names in table above.) Comments:
_____________________________________________________________________________ Scope Statement

|Project Title: Video Game Delivery Project | |Date: 5/14/04 Prepared by: Lisa, Project Manager | |Project Justification: | |The Video Game Delivery Project...
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