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Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Veterinary medicine Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Working in the Veterinary field, it is extremely important to be a good listener and have excellent people skills. You have to be passionate and understand your clients. Some of the key points I will be talking about are how to become a good listener, having good communication skills, and dealing with difficult clients. Having technicians and assistants that can communicate well with clients and help them better understand questions, concerns, and instruction is crucial in having a successful clinic.

Being able to listen to a client and decipher what they are trying to communicate with you is an essential part of being a veterinary technician. If I client is frantically explaining how her dog has gotten ran over by a car and she needs to know what to do to get him to your clinic, as the technician, you should be able to calmly get information you can from her and assist her in safely transporting her dog. “Being a good listener is not only about listening with your ears, but with your eyes also.”(Downing, 10) Some ways you can help yourself improve on becoming a good listener would be removing all distractions around you, don’t speak until the other person has finished what they are saying, and one of the most important things you could do is ask questions. If you don’t completely understand what is being said, ask. “Repeat what you think the speaker said to ensure you heard the speaker correctly. This is called “reflective listening” and it is identified by statements as “If I understand you correctly…” reflective listening gives the speaker a chance to clarify a point and ensures that both the speaker and the listener are on the same page” (PRPonline). If you’re out at dinner with a friend and during your conversation they are constantly looking at their phone and looking around not giving you their full attention, what are the chances that you would want to go to eat with them again? Making sure that your focus is entirely on the person your...
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