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Section 1.0

Section 1.1 Purpose of the Research
The purpose of this research is to determine whether or not a career as a veterinary technician is a viable one. If one wants to become a vet tech they must be open to suggestions. This means that they must be open to constructive criticism give to them by fellow co-workers.

Section 1.2 career hypotheses
Section 1.2.1 Hypothesis: job description
A veterinary technician works as an assistant to a veterinarian. They are responsible for taking care of the animals that are placed in the care of a vet. That includes checking on animals that have to be kept overnight. This means they clean cages, feed the animals and often take them for walks. Vet techs administer antibiotics and administer shots to the animals that are brought in or, if they work at a humane society. A vet tech often has to lift cages and crate or transport patients to be operated on.

Vet techs are responsible for preparing the operating room for surgeries. When preparing the operating room the vet tech must gather the instruments needed that includes scalpels, forceps, and medicine needed for the operation. They are also there to educate owners on how to take care of their pets properly. When the animal is sick the vet tech show the owner how to administer medicine to the animal or how to apply a cone to stop a dog from itching or scratching

Section 1.2.2 Hypothesis: skills/abilities/traits
The vet tech must be very observant and they have to be able to pay attention to small details that most people don’t notice. Their observations are key to diagnosing the disease or illness that the animal has acquired though different .Another skill a vet tech must have is listening to owners since animals have no way to communicate with humans in order to figure out what is wrong with the animal they are treating. Communication is key in a vet tech `s job because the animal can’t tell us what is wrong with it so it is up to the vet tech to find out what is wrong with the animal.

Vet techs have many useful traits. One must show patience, kindness, and compassion.
One must be patient, because the owners are often frightened because there pet is sick and to them the pet is considered family to them. It is the vet techs job help them understand what perhaps is happening to their pet. Another trait of a vet tech is kindness. Kindness goes hand in hand with patience in order for a vet tech to gain the owner trust he/she must exhibit a caring personality to the owner. The third trait is compassion, the virtue of empathy for the suffering of others. A vet tech has to be able to show compassion to pet owners’ .on a day to day basis a vet tech will have to put down animals it is very important that a vet tech can be able to help them understand that their pet is in a better place and they didn’t suffer. Section 1.2.3 Hypothesis: earnings

An entry level veterinary technician makes $10.00 an hour or $ 29,000 a year as he or she gets more experienced the earnings increase. Experienced vet techs earn about $ 49,000 per year or about $ 12.00 an hour. Vet techs have to pay for their own health insurance because they are mostly employed at private practice.

Section 1.2.4 Hypothesis: education and training
If one wants to be a vet tech they are advised to take biology, chemistry and other natural science classes. All collages require students to take the act test. In order to become a vet tech one must obtain a degree in veterinary technology, which are available at technical collages. Most students that go to collage earn a 2 year or 4 year degree, since it doesn’t require a masters degree like a veterinarian does. This opens the doors to students that do not want to spend an excessive amount of time in collage.

Section 1.2.5 Hypothesis: work environment
Vet techs work in a variety of places from animal shelters to private practices. The animal shelters are often very noisy and vet techs...
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