Vehicle Theft Control

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Accidents – nowadays become a common word, especially on high ways. In many cases the casualty is very high not because of the accident but because of the delay in treatment. This happens because the appropriate authorities are not informed that promptly.

The project aims at providing a wireless information system that helps in transfer of information to the near by station immediately after the accident. The project consists of an accident identification system that can be placed in the car, information transmission system and information reception system. The information is also passed to the relatives mobile phone through GSM modem. The project also controls the theft of the vehicle. In case of theft, the exact location of the vehicle can be found by simply sending a message to the GSM modem in the vehicle. The GSM modem then replies us with the location of the vehicle using the data get from the GPS receiver. And also an IR transmitter and an IR receiver is placed in the vehicle door entrance. So, whenever an unauthorized person enters the vehicle a message is sent to the owner of the vehicle.

In accident identification system a microcontroller is placed to identify the amount of damage caused to a vehicle in case of accident. This happens by a dedicated acceleration identification IC. In case of accident, the change in the acceleration is assessed and the amount of damage calculated. After this the alarm signal is transmitted through an RF transmitter if the accident is found to be very high.

An RF receiver is placed at any station (hospital or police station) or if needed can be placed at regular intervals in the highways and the alarm signal can be received by them whenever there is an accident. Immediately it can alert the concerned authorities to take necessary action.

The microcontroller in the vehicle is...
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