Week 6:Malpractice, Tort Reform, Institutional Ethics-You Decide

Topics: Management, Risk management, Patient Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: April 20, 2013
As the new risk manager I have been asked by the hospital's board of director's to prepare a risk management plan that will help to develop a culture of safety throughout Little Falls Hospital. The purpose of the Risk Management Plan is to provide guidelines and methods to assure that the broad range of both administrative and clinical activities at the facility are monitored and coordinated in order to reduce losses associated with consumer, employee, or visitor injuries, property loss or damage and other sources of potential facility liability. Risk Management is the responsibility of every employee at the facility. Due to the size and complexity of the facility and its programs, participation for all the staff is necessary for effective management of risk. The focus of the risk management plan is to provide an ongoing, comprehensive, and systematic approach to reducing risk exposures. Risk management activities include identifying, investigating, analyzing, and evaluating risks, followed by selecting and implementing the most appropriate methods for correcting, reducing, managing, transferring and/or eliminating them. Under the direction of the risk manager, the risk management program provides for collaboration among all departments, services, and patient care professionals within the organization. The risk management program provides policies, procedures and protocols to address events which may create business-related liability, professional liability, and general liability, workers ’ compensation, and motor vehicle liability exposures. The identification, investigation and management of accidents, injuries and other potentially compensable events are a primary responsibility under the risk management plan. This process is directed by the risk manager and others who are delegated to participate in the various components of managing adverse events occurring with patients, staff, visitors and organizational assets. Risk management will influence, persuade...
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