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More than 93 percent of car thefts occur in metropolitan areas where motor vehicle theft remains a pervasive problem. Western states, in particular, experience high rates of motor vehicle theft, while nationally a car or truck was stolen every 28.8 seconds. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports released an estimate 1.1 million motor vehicle thefts, with an estimated value of $7.4 billion. A new international Interpol Statistics revealed that 4.2 million vehicles reported stolen in 2008 from 149 countries around the world. Vehicle theft has become the nation's first property crime, costing more than $7.4 billion a year. It is estimated that at least 10 percent of automobile theft is a false report of a stolen car; that is, the vehicle has been given up or disposed of to pursue a fraudulent insurance claim. Some of these cars are simply abandoned, and some may end up at illegitimate chop shops and be fraudulently re-tagged and resold.

Stolen cars also are sometimes used in drug trafficking, drive-by shootings and armed robberies. These cars, often abandoned after they serve their purpose, help the perpetrator elude authorities, since he has no legal tie to the car involved. Many of these stolen cars end up in “chop shops,” where they are disassembled for parts sold to unscrupulous or unsuspecting repair shops or parts dealers. Some stolen vehicles are sold on the export market.

Our project presents a new design for an anti-theft protection System as an inexpensive solution to protect cars from theft and from non-authorized users.



To design a next generation vehicle theft prevention system with the following features….

• Smart Gravitational Lock With Cryptography

• Touch screen Ignition

• GPS Fencing with Ubiquitous Vehicle Tracking

• Adjustable Motion Alarm

• Remote Fuel Cut-off


Car thieves who are well-trained in exposing the vulnerabilities of auto security are often able to bypass all the thefting systems and get away with the car or truck. Even the best car alarm systems fall short trying to consistently protect your vehicle from harm. At the same time, there are limits to what law enforcement can do to keep our cars safe from unwanted intruder. Casual car theft, such as those committed by joyriding juveniles, still exists but has become a lesser part of the auto theft problem. Increasingly, car theft is a sophisticated criminal enterprise that involves title fraud and stripping cars for parts in “chop shops”.

Nowadays, a lot of cars are being stolen due to the missing of security systems, or sometimes because of the weak security and alarm system that can be either accessed or disabled.


• It offers no protection when the key fob is stolen. So a smart key fob sold in the market is not actually smart.

• Vehicle tracking devices will not be able to locate a vehicle in GPS denied environments such as within buildings, underground and dense city regions, resulting in the loss of vehicle.

• The currently used motion and tilt alarms will alert the owner even for an unintentional touch by a passing person or an accidental hit by a ball from a playing child.


A new and more efficient car security system is presented here which may add extra advantage over the existed systems. The project proposed here aims to design a next generation auto theft prevention system by adding significant enhancements and modernizing the existing security features and thus try to overcome the drawbacks. This enables only the car owner to switch and drive it. In addition, it prevents the car from illegal enter.

The proposed vehicle monitoring, alert...
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