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According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, there are as many six to eight million people alone in the United States that are vegetarian and since the 1980s the interest of vegetarians has risen dramatically (Derr). There are many people who argue every day whether or not it's better to be a vegetarian or better to be a meat eater. There are many arguments that go into all the discussion. Some arguments include ethical reasons, health reasons, and for the environment.

There are a lot of ethical arguments that are made. One of them is that the number of animals killed per hour in the United States for meat is 660,000. Also the highest turnover rate for a occupation in the United States is the worker in a slaughter-house. Working in the slaughter-house environment has the highest rate of on-the-job-injuries in the United States (The Ethical Vegetarian).. Another is because of how the animals are killed.

Another argument for becoming a vegetarian is because of health reasons. Many people that that eating meat is not healthy for you at all, especially on an everyday basis. Arguments such as cancer increacements have been made. Women who eat meat on a daily basis compared to women who eat meat less than once a week increase their chances of getting breast cancer by

2.8 times more likely to get it. Women who eat eggs three or more times versus the women who eat them less than once a week are three times more likely to have an increased risk of fatal prostate cancer. For men who consume all meat, cheese, eggs, and milk on a daily basis versus less to not at all have a three point six greater of a chance of increased fatal prostate cancer themselves. As for cancer, meat also makes other health problems such as cholesterol. It is a fifty percent chance that a man death results in a heart attack. If a person reduces their consumption of meant, dairy, and eggs by ten percent it will lower the risk of heart attack by nine percent. A healthy...
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