Topics: Veganism, Vegetarianism, Nutrition Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: March 18, 2013
“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.”
_ Gary L. Francione
People would always judge a person, when they do something that is not common in our daily life. When a person found out that I practice veganism, they would always ask “why?” They want me to give them in a detail explanation, why I decided to become a vegan, like it was the most unnatural thing to do, and sometimes they tag me as a weird person, and they do not even know me.

Since a little girl, I always loved to be around animals, and as I was getting older, my love for them became bigger, and bigger. When I lived in Mexico, every month, my dad used to take me to my grandparent’s farm. For me it was like paradise, because I was able to play with other animals that were not only dogs and cats as usual. My fascinations were the cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, but the pigs prohibited to me. There was also a room that I was not able to enter. I named that room “the mysterious room”. One day, my curiosity was so big, that I decided to open that mysterious door. What I saw, was the worst scenario in my entire life. I saw my grandfather killing a pig. The blood, the load noises from the pig, and the knife were traumatic to me. I could not believe that my grandpa killed an innocent animal. My dad justified his father’s action. He explained that in order for me to eat, people have to kill animals.

That day left a mark in my life, so I became a vegetarian. I was a little girl, so I always forgot that I was one. Every time I ate meat, that memory made me feel guilty. As I grew older, without noting it, I was a vegetarian. In my heart, I always felt that I needed to do more for the animals. I did my research, and I find a way to help them even better. I find the most beautiful thing that has been with me for the past two years, and that is veganism.

The practice of avoiding harm to all animals is called veganism. In order to do that, veganism requires avoiding animal products, such as...
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