End World Hunger

Topics: Meat, Nutrition, Vegetarianism Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: June 8, 2012
We Could End World Hunger By Being Vegetarians
Michael Anderson
English 112
September 28, 2010
Jamie Merriman-Pacton

We Could End World Hunger By Being Vegetarians

One of the most important things in daily life is our health. Our health is dependent on a multitude of factors and one of those is our diet. Of all the problems in the world hunger is probably at the top of the list. There is a solution to world hunger and it is connected to our diet. Land waste is a major problem on our growing planet. Our population is growing at an alarming pace, there is a little over six billion people on Earth. A remedy for the waste of land has been identified and yes it is tied to our diet. Becoming vegetarian is the answer to our health problems, world hunger and the serious waste of land. Most people have some concern for their health and would not do something reckless to jeopardize it. This can be considered a true statement if we were all vegetarians, but since we are not then it cannot be true. Eating meat is one of the most detrimental things we can consume in our bodies and it has been linked to a multitude of diseases and ailments. According to Vegetarian Times (2001) eating a diet free of meat helps to eliminate hypertension, cancers, Type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. When we eat meat we are consuming a carcinogenic substance called Methylcholanthrene. In a study found in Macmillan Dictionary of Toxicology (1999) this substance is a known cancer causing agent and is associated with cooking meat products. Why do we put our bodies at such jeopardy simply for the joy of eating meat? If the average person is not worried about their own health, but they were caring about the well being of others; then they could consider becoming vegetarians as an effort to save the world from hunger. Hundreds of millions of people are hungry everyday! How is it justified that this many people go hungry? Many of the smaller countries have a large and growing number of...
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