Annotated Bibliography: Vegetarianism

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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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Renuka Thapa
English 1010
Glenn Newman
Annotated Bibliography: Vegetarianism
Annotated Bibliography

This annotated Bibliography is on vegetarianism. Alternative lifestyles are becoming more popular in today’s world. Choosing to become either a vegetarian or a vegan could be a wonderful decision for an individual to better their lifestyle, health, and impact upon the world. Being a vegetarian means living on a diet that excludes any form of animal flesh as a food source and consists mostly of plant based products. The growing trend of adopting vegetarian diet makes everyone question – “Is vegetarian diet healthier for humans?” Properly planned vegetarian diets have been found to satisfy the nutritional needs for all stage of life, and large scale studies have shown vegetarianism to significantly lower risks of cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. But vegetarianism is still debated as an issue because it is thought to cause nutritional deficiencies. The following sources contribute to a discussion about Vegetarianism and what it is as well as to discuss beneficial factors and nutritional deficiencies through it. Barnard Neal. “Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM.Org)”. not-just Web. 29 Mar. 2012. This source is an interview with Nutrition Researcher Dr. Neal Bernard. He focuses on the vegetarian diet to be the healthiest overall. He recommended on vegan diet to be straight forward diet plan with no strict calorie counting or portion control because a vegan diet contains less calorie and could be helpful in losing weights. Infants, children, and adolescence, everybody can have lower risk of diabetes. Especially girls will have less risk of breast cancer later in life following a vegetarian diet. As a founding member, Dr. Bernard and his team have been in the forefront of research and study relative to nutrition and plant based diet. Employing a mixture of logos and pathos he lays out specific example where vegetarian diet...
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