Valencia City Historical Background

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The primary objective of the study is to determine a short history of Barangay Poblacion Valencia, Bukidnon: 1987-2001. The study aims: 1. to determine how barangay government evolve, 2. to determine the major programs and projects implemented by the barangay government in areas of infrastructure, heath services, peace and order, 3. to determine problems challenges encountered by barangay government in the pursuit of the programs and projects.

The study focused on events, starting 1987 a year after the EDSA uprising took placed and new national leaders of the nations were installed. The study centered on the programs and projects of the barangay government in the area of infrastructure, health services, peace and order. Likewise attention was also given on the problems and challenges encountered by barangay government in the period mentioned, to give a picture how barangay government responded and pursued its mandate.

The analyzed data were presented using narrative-descriptive approach to come up with the history of the barangay for the period covered.

From the inquiry of the study, the researcher had found our following, the study revealed that Barangay Poblacion, Valencia City already appeared as a pueblo in the 1980s. In the later years, it became one of the barrios of the Municipality of Malaybalay and a school was established in the barrio in 1911. These can be seen or manifested through the projects they have planned and executed which can be observe and views by the locals of the Barangay Poblacion. The progress of the Barangay Poblacion will not be attained without the support provided by the city government and agencies who helped improved the Poblacion. The Barangay officials have indeed properly implemented social services such as health care, education, peace and order and it is also acknowledge the progress of Barangay Poblacion is...
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