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Topics: Day care, Paragraph Pages: 3 (357 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Literacy Training Service 2
STI College San Pablo

An NSTP2 - Documentation

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A. Community Profile

In paragraph form, you will put here the profile of the barangay as well as other information. Include also photos 4-5 to showcase how the barangay looks like. Make this whole page.

B. Day Care School Profile

In paragraph form, you will put here the profile of the Day Care Center as well as other information. Include also photos 1-2 to showcase the school and or the students.

Include here also the names, age of pupils and the teacher in charge. Make this half page

C. Teaching Proper

Write your reaction, thoughts or views about your immersion experience at the day care center. Include 2-3 photos of your immersion. Make this whole page.


A. Recycling Ideas

Discuss here those items that you shared to your audience, the different recycling ideas you create and share to them. Include 3-4 photos here. Make this whole page

B. What is it that you learned about Recycling? Make this half page.


A. School Project

Discuss here what you did as your group’s project to the Day Care. Include photos of Before and After. Make this whole page.

B. Reaction

What is your thought or view regarding what you did on improving the Day Care Center? State your experience here. Make this half page.


Discuss here your experience sharing your blessings to less fortunate people. Include 1 photo if you have one. Make this half page.


Discuss here your experience, thoughts and views about STI’s Tree Planting Project at Malabanban Water Shed. Include 1-2 photos, make this whole page.


This will only be used if there are other activities or projects involved...
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