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Topics: Organization, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: July 19, 2012
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ITM -580 Strategic Planning for IT
Dr. Wendy Wang
Spring 2012
Name: Laura Gong
Module 1- Strategy and Strategic Planning
Case Assignment 1: "How do the two UCB's strategic IT plans compare against the Baldridge criteria for assessing strategic planning?"

The importance of strategic planning is just as important as having a foundation and a framework to a new house. Without it, it will either partially be complete or eventually crumble. Strategic planning helps to not only complete short term goals of a company or organization, but most importantly invest time into successfully complete long term goals and to continue to grow in the long run. It is a design that will lay out specific elements that will help the company expand and reach its goals in different areas that will eventually bring it all together to make a magnificent infrastructure. In addition to those goals, it is also to evaluate what may be beneficial to a company’s success, perhaps what direction they should head towards or stay away from. The Baldridge criteria is a highly reliable and well known institute of which many organizations can base their strategic planning to in order to ensure their structure and planning is heading towards the right direction. The Baldrige is known for excellence and has listed all of its standards and criteria that can help any organization lead to a successful future. According to Baldridge Performance Excellence Program, the goal is “to guide their enterprises, improve performance, and get sustainable results.” In this case, UC Berkeley’s strategic plan and UC Boulder’s strategic planned will be put up to standards of Baldridge in order to see which will have a higher chance of successful outcome based on their strategies.

What exactly will the Baldrige Excellence Program provide and help its customers achieve in the long run? Baldridge’s goal is to achieve “Effectiveness, Sustainability,...
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