Swot Analysis Hca 340

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Assignment 1
HCA 340

When entering the business field it is of vital importance to have a strategic plan. However, over time strategies may change and plans will need to be altered in order to ensure that the business stays relevant and that the business will continue to increase market share while continuing the business endeavor. Many have seen it time and time again where companies start out with a business plan and refuse to tweak it in order to meet consumer demand and they eventually fall from the industry leader that they once were (QuickMBA, 2011). For example, a prominent company such as Microsoft has been caught ignoring the mobile market, but now the smartphone era has become centerfold and they are nowhere near the top like there are with PCs. The same goes for any industry, including the medical field.

The Community South Medical Center is a great place for care for nearly any issue that you could think of. They had pulmonary services, a neurosurgery center, a major trauma center, etc. However, even though they were advanced in all aspects of the medical field, they started to see company issues when well-known, large businesses started leaving the area where they were located. Whether the businesses left to take up offers in other cities or if competition got in there way is unknown, but the fact that their customer class was changing and they were in need of new faculty was becoming a cause for concern. It is necessary for Community South Medical Center to revise the strategic mission of the organization from three years ago and find a way to get the medical center back on track. The strategic plan has not even been touched for three years, so there are countless things that have changed throughout the city they are located. Businesses have moved and technology has changed, in turn, changing the outlook of the company. It is the perfect time to step in and turn the business back around where it should be before it becomes too late. The CEO...
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