Using the Examples of 'the Bill' and 'Casualty' Studied During Recent Lessons, Please Answer the Following Question: 'Discuss, Using Specific Examples and Textual Detail, the Conventions of T.V. Drama'

Topics: Police, Film editing, Crime Pages: 4 (1613 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Essay 2: 'Discuss, using specific examples and textual detail, the conventions of T.V. drama' Within The Bill’s opening montage many types of cinematography have been used. A tilt shot opens the sequence showing the audience the skyline of where the location will be set, London. As this is happening the theme tune begins to play, this non diegetic sound also includes the sound of sirens that are also featured on top of police cars. This straight away creates a connection with the audience because hearing a siren on a police car is a common occurrence for the public. This provides realism for the viewer. A panning shot establishes the location creating verisimilitude to the viewers. Using tracking shots in the montage such as when the torso’s of two police officers are shown walking from right to left, provides the audience with the idea that they will be watching action scenes, excitement and a sense of mystery throughout the programme. Another technique and convention of crime dramas are using zoom shots and shot reverse shots in order to see a reaction to something or sequence of events. This also makes the audience watching feel like they are there. All of these shots focus on parts of the police force; this shows the viewers that throughout the crime drama that is what they should be expecting. For example the mise-en-scene shown such as handcuffs, police uniforms and walky-talkies are shown in the montage; this refers back to informing the audience that they are watching a crime drama. The one use of steadicam in the montage is viewed from the back of a police car with two police officers in the front seats, this is showing them driving quickly to the scene of a crime. This creates the effect that the police officers jobs are fast and effective, drawing the audience into the programme. The first sequence montage is full of quick editing. The short, fast cuts and how fast the montage seems gives an idea on how quick the action will be in the series and...
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