Drama Mugged Response

Topics: Drama, Emotion, Actor Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: February 23, 2013
My Mugged Response
In lesson 1 we demonstrated our perception of Dig and Marky through physicalising there characters. The aspects of the drama medium we used were, freeze frame, improvisation, thought track, mime, movement and gesture. As a class we read and comprehended pages 5-21. They’re about Markey and dig interchanging there burglarized items. After we read through the play, sir split us into 2 groups. One group: Markys, One group: Digs. We had to show a scene from their morning routine (in the shop). I got put into the group of Dig, I interpreted Dig in a behaviour which was to procrastinate. I conducted Dig in  lifeless ,manner. I showed that dig was lazy by my use of drama medium (movement) and acting skills. My actions were very postponing and sluggish letting the audience know , my character was extremely careless. I played Dig in a careless, lifeless manor, because from the play we know that he is very self-centred and in ones self.          In lesson 6 we had to summarise how each character might feel about the murder. In lesson 6, we used guilt spilt staging, voice & contrasts, We used  one of the forms of stimuli of ‘play scripts’ . In the play script we explored the line ‘ I told him not to come back didn’t I mel’ to understand how all the characters feel guilty. The characters feel guilty because marky has been murdered. All the characters feel  conscience-stricken and guilt ridden. The script changes throughout the ending of the play it raises the tension by shortening the dialogue. The characters speech becomes shortened and there words become more scarce and sudden . We then did a police interview by the use of drama medium ; split staging. Split staging can use two or more different levels, and the audience can see characters better if one group is behind the other and using the raised level. Me and shea was the police officers interviewing dig and sophie which in this case was Hodan and Arthur. We asked them questions such as , how do...
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