Using Clinometer to Measure the Height of Our School

Topics: Measurement, Tape measure, Orders of magnitude Pages: 4 (1102 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Collected Data
Trial 1:
Height of Eye: 1.723m
Degrees from Eye: 52
Length from center: 12.52m
Trial 2:
Height of Eye: 1.723m
Degrees from Eye: 55
Length from center: 11.90m
Trial 3:
Height of Eye: 1.723m
Degrees from Eye: 54
Length from center: 12.00m
Trial 4:
Height of Eye: 1.723m
Degrees from Eye: 51
Length from center: 11.80m

Briefly describe the method that was used to collect that enabled you to calculate the height of the school. My group and I had used a simple application of trigonometry to calculate the height of the height of something that we cannot measure directly. In this case, it is seldom practical to measure the height the highest point of our school with a tape measure, but it can be accomplished easily by using an instrument called a clinometer to measure the angle of sight between the observer, in this case, Shanthanu, a somewhat normal human being, who holds a height of 1.72m, and the highest point of the school, and a measure tape to identify the distance of the observer from the center of the hall. Using this raw data my group and I were able to then create a diagram as showed above, so that we could apply trigonometry to calculate the height of the school. Calculating the height was the simplest part of this investigation, first the tangent theta ratio, followed by eliminating the adjacent value from the equation, leaving us with the opposite value then averaging all the trails to come to a final height.  


To get our results we were required to grab all the trails and get an ideal average. Here’s a diagram of what we had done:

(Trail 1+Trail 2+Trail 3+Trail 4) ÷ 4 = 17.74

In other words;
(The sum of all trials (70.96)) ÷ (The number of Trials (4)) = (The Average (17.74))

State the conclusions that you reached about the height of the school. As a result of our accurate and correct use of the clinometer and the meter wheel, along with our high knowledge of the...
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