Projecting Beam

Topics: Mass, Sample size, Exponential function Pages: 4 (989 words) Published: October 4, 2012
The Projecting Beam

Purpose or Aim :
To determine the relationship describing the effect of meter-stick projection (L) on the vertical depression (y) of the free end with constant load. Material & Apparatus:
One 1 kg mass
Two Meter Sticks


First of all, gather all the materials that are required for the lab and setup accordingly for the lab. Place the ruler on the lab table so that 0 cm projects beyond the lab table. Measure the height from the free end of the ruler (bottom line of the ruler) to the floor and record the data in a table. Clamp a meter stick on the table horizontally such that 20 cm is projected beyond the table. Measure the height again from the free end of the ruler to the floor and record it. Attach a 1 kg load to the free end of the ruler and measure the height from the free end of the ruler to the floor and record the data. Repeat this same procedure for 30 cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, and 80cm. Remember to check the zero load height every time before putting on the load. Repeat the above procedure for second trial so that you can get more precise data for the experiment.


L (cm)Zero load height (cm)Load height (cm)Vertical depression y (cm)
Trial 1Trial 2Average

The relationship between vertical depression and the projection is not directly proportional as we can see from the table and the graph.
Therefore, y is NOT ∝ L.
The vertical depression increases at a faster rate than the projection and thus when graphed, a parabolic curve opening upwards is obtained.
In order to create a straight sloping line through the origin, the values of projection must be raised by a power and it has to be...
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