User Generated Content

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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User-generated content

Brianna Hughes

Northeaster State University

User generated content is on the verge in the media industry and becoming a world wide system used on the internet and in commercials. The growth of new media has increased communication between many people all over the world. People are able to speak their mind through websites, blogs, pictures, and other user-generated media. User-generated content is another way for people to access things at a quicker pace with fast feedback. Facebook is a great example because it is real time and people are able to communicate with people all around the nation. Many commercials are based on how the media is transforming according to the needs of the people. The major part of the user-generated media is that it is widely globalized. The design of new media will continue to innovate because it will not always be new because the media industry is always changing and improving.

User-generated commercials add value because it benefits the world from using the service or watching the commercial. The social has changed rapidly in the past few years. The commercials have been used for companies, schools, and much more. The commercials are activity between the user and information channels. Companies have to decide if the exchange of information is profitable to them (Marshall, Solomon, Stuart 2009). This gives the company a choice on whether or not to do a user-generated commercial. A company is able to gain value from competitve advantage either through distinctive competency or differential benefit. They both have to do with what the strong points are in the company. The user-generated information determines if the consumers are satisfied with the information or product being advertised. Most companies try to build a strong relationship between the customers because they want a long term buying relationship and if the user-generated commercials show that most customers are satisfied with the products...
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