Use of Technology in Teaching Esl

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  • Published : August 25, 2010
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The use of technology can enhance the quality of teaching and learning in ESL classes but there are important stages to follow with ESL learners. Teachers need to keep in mind that there is an additional level of language to cover in order to make ESL learners ‘ technology literate’. PRE- TECHNOLOGY LESSON

This stage involves building the field and explicitly teaching the context as a means of preparation for the lessons to follow. Emphasis is placed on the use of language features especially the use of nouns and proper nouns specific to the topic and the software application * Teachers need to be mindful of the outcomes of a particular topic. * Allow the technology to support the content .

* Keep in mind that ESL/technology lessons need to reinforce speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills or a combination of these skills. * Choose appropriate applications according to the outcomes that need to be achieved * Prepare students prior to technology lessons by:

Introducing vocabulary associated with the topic .
Exploring the field the topic in the classroom by explicitly teaching the content eg Are the students reading a book and writing a book review prior to using Glogster to make an on line poster for their book. * Explicitly teach vocabulary and computer jargon associated with the particular application to be used.EG glog( noun) Glogster( Proper noun) * Show the completed work sample to the class

* Show step by step processes by using joint construction and teacher /peer modelling. * Explicitly teach instructional vocabulary eg upload, save , post,

This stage is reflective of the students ability to apply, remember, create and understand.

* Revise and reinforce concepts taught during the pre technology stage * Reinforce language in terms of the content of topic and the technology /software terms * Ensure that students are familiar with...
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