Technology in the Classroom

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Luisa Mari Estanga
Professor Jennifer Jared
College Writing B
10 April 2013
Technology in the Classroom
At this day in age, the use of technology has increased greatly. It is continuing to get more advanced day by day. For example, the first cell phones used to only be able to make calls, now they can take pictures and/or video, surf the web, and they even have voice control so that you don’t even have to use your hands! Using technology in classrooms can help engage students more, save paper, and help students find answers quicker and more efficiently; it is a very helpful asset and can make learning a more enjoyable experience for students. Some may argue that using laptops in the classroom can cause distraction. They think that because students have access to the web they will then get distracted and go on off topic websites. Although this is true, taking breaks is actually good for the students. Generally, people think that the more hours you spend studying the more effective it is, but actually by studying longer with no break causes you to not be able to perform to your full potential. Taking breaks gives their brains time to absorb all that they just learned and give their brains time to “breathe”. The primacy and recency effect says that you remember things better that are at the beginning and end of your studying (Lui). Which means that, a little side distraction during your studying would not have much effect on your actual studying. Rather, technology can make learning more fun for students! By engaging the students into games that subliminally are actually teaching them a lesson. These students are now learning as they have fun in the process. For example, with the Smart Board, kids get to actually go up to the screen and using the special pens they get to select their answers. When I was volunteering at Yorba Elementary, I actually got to watch the kids do a lesson on math using the Smart Board. The teacher would select a student and the...
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