Polishing Ideas: the Canon of Style

Topics: Understanding, Writing, Explanation Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Being in the United States Army, we have many technical documents in which we use on a daily basis. In the field of Electronics Technician we refer to publications called technical manuals. There is a class on how to read these technical manuals and how to navigate through them in order to find the information needed. However, it is not a requirement to take the class in order to read and understand these manuals. Through certain vocabulary, sentence structures and sentence lengths we can make these manuals easier to read and understand. It can be difficult to understand some writing because of the vocabulary that is used. Depending on the type of audience a paper is written for, you may have to tailor your language and writing style to suit the needs of your readers. A technical manual is used as a tool for my job community in order to troubleshoot and repair electronic pieces of equipment. In the manual you can find some very lengthy and otherwise uncommon words. When explaining this particular kind of book to someone else I often times find myself having to use simple words in order to explain the point of the book. Words like: formulate, initiate, optimum and parameters would have to be changed for better understanding to words such as: create, start, best and limits or conditions. Being careful in how you use vocabulary for a general audience will better help them understand the point you are trying to get across, or just the general idea of what you are saying. Sentence structure is very important to establish in the beginning and throughout the writing. In technical manuals, they are often time long and hard to follow. Ensuring that the idea of each sentence is clearly presentable is very important when dealing with your audience. Chapter two of a technical manual is all about the operation of the piece of equipment the book was written for. For someone who is trained on how to read the book and pick out the appropriate information, the sentence...
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