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Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and Practice
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Guy: The Use of Social Media


Web-based technologies that support the social architecture of a community and enhance the effectiveness and value of personal interactions continue to emerge. As proposed by Bruns (2008), “the World Wide Web has been radically transformed, shifting from an information repository to a more social environment where users are not only passive receivers or active harvesters of information, but also creators of content” (p. 22). Web-based technologies now encompass the socializing features of virtual spaces that have emerged as zones for information sharing, collaboration, and community formation and extension (Suter, Alexander, & Kaplan, 2005). Social media, derived from the social software movement, are a collection of Internet websites, services, and practices that support collaboration, community building, participation, and sharing (Junco, Heibergert, & Loken, 2010). As defined by Bryer and Zavatarro (2001), “Social media are technologies that facilitate social interaction, make possible collaboration, and enable deliberation across stakeholders” (p. 327). These technologies now include blogs, wikis, media (audio, photo, video, text) sharing tools, networking platforms (including Facebook), and virtual worlds (Bryer & Zavatarro, 2001). The use of social media has surged globally in recent years. As of July 2011, Facebook passed 750 million users, LinkedIn had over 100 million members, Twitter had over 177 million tweets per day, and YouTube reached three billion views per day (Chen & Bryer, 2012). Despite *

Dr. Retta Guy has an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Instructional Systems Design from the University of Kentucky. Currently, she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Information Systems at Tennessee State University in Nashville. Distance education, specifically online and mobile teaching and learning, serve as the basis for her current research for which she has presented at conferences and published nearly 40 articles, books, and book chapters, collectively.

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Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and Practice, Vol. 1, Iss. 2 [2012], Art. 7

the popularity social media for personal use, however, a low percentage of students and faculty use them for academic practice (Lenhart, et al., 2010; Tiryakioglu & Erzurum, 2010; Chen & Bryer, 2010). As educators look for ways to engage and motivate students, social media technologies are becoming a viable supplement to the traditional learning environment (Ebner, Lienhardt, Rohs, & Meyer, 2010). Also, educators are examining the combination of distance education delivery with instructional social media, thus, providing new approaches to teaching and learning that blend pedagogy and technology (Brady, Holcomb, & Smith, 2010; Lee &...
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