Us101 Week 1 Assignment 1

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Learning Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Question: 1
The outcomes of My Foundations Lab Path Builder was surprisingly more difficult then what I had first planned, but also refreshed my memory quite a bit,such as writing ,spelling, and note taking. After being out of school for twenty years. I definitely forgot a lot more then I thought. I can definitely see it as a must for an educational tool. Question: 2

The MFLPB definitely applies to my educational need. By learning what it had to offer it will improve many areas that I needed to work with, one of them which was writing was a huge must for me. Learning how to take notes was also quite informative and gave me great ideas an better ways to improve my note taking. It also provides skills in areas I would never think of, but could definitely be using them. Question: 3

Applying these skills to my life will aid in my academic studies and possibly furthermore in the future, such as the workplace. The skills applied and learned from this program will also set me apart from the others around me. I`m definitely doing more critical thinking than I have ever done before, and much more confident in my writing. Question: 4

I was more then surprised by the results I would go to say as even maybe shocked in what Ihad forgotten over the last twenty years. Some test I had to take twice to pass, and one I completely failed both times. It was very disappointing when that happened but overall four out of five I was content. The thing about the path builder was that even after failing the quiz twice I was still able to go back and, see where I had failed.
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