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* What were the outcomes of your My Foundations Lab Path Builder? After completing my Writing Learning Path Builder in My Foundations Lab, it suggests what the next steps for you would be to further expand your knowledge in the areas you didn’t do so well in. It did not show me the next suggested steps I needed to take as it says I have mastered all the available topics. * How do the skills apply to your academic life?

Throughout my academic life I will need these skills to apply them to an assignment that I will have to do. I cannot turn in an assignment with poor grammar or punctuation and expect to be able to receive a high grade. Also at some point I will have to write an essay or something for a major grade. And how can one write an essay if they don’t have the proper sentence skills? Without these skills I do not see anyone getting a good grade. * How do the skills apply to your professional life?

The skills that I completed in the Writing Path Builder were: Sentence skills, The Craft of Writing, Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling. These are all important skills that need to be applied in everybody’s professional life. What kind of employer would want a person working for them that could not spell or form a complete punctuated sentence? Without these skills you can conclude that you will not have a high paying job with benefits. * Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?

I was very surprised by my results in the Writing Path Builder. I was very confident in most of my answers but there were also a few that I was a little weary of on. And those would be the ones I would need to work on a little more. But to finish the path builder and it to tell me I have mastered all the skills it challenged me with was an amazing feeling.
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