Topics: City, Urban area, Human migration Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Everywhere, at any given point in time, individuals or groups tend to move from their usual villages and farms located in the countryside, to take up residence in cities. One may be wondering, what is the reason for such movement. Well, all this is summed up in the term Urbanization. According to Norrel London and Mike Senior (2009), Urbanization is “the process by which in increasing proportion of the total population lives in towns.” Susan Mayhew (2009) also defines Urbanization as “the migration of rural populations into towns and cities.” Urbanization is also according to David Waugh (2009) is “the process by which an increasing proportion of the total population, usually that of a country, lives in towns and cities.” Observations and researches have proved that most of the world’s population resides in towns; be it permanent or temporarily. It should also be noted that Urbanization according to Waugh (2009), “began at least as far back as the forth millennium BC.” Therefore, movement to urban areas will continue to happen and notably, it is on the increase. Estimates have suggested that in 1800 only 3 percent of the world’s population were urban settlers, however, recent UN estimates 50 percent in 2008 and it is predicted that the numbers will rise to 60 percent in the year 2025.

This action is as a result of a number of reasons; individuals for most of the time do not go to these areas for no reason, there must be a reason for this action. These reasons are classified as Push and Pull Factors. Push Factors are those circumstances that cause people to leave their dwellings to urban areas, while Pull Factors are those attractions within the urban area that cause people to gravitate to these areas. The push factors are circumstances such as scarcity of jobs except in agriculture and most people consider agricultural occupations to be low-paying, laborious, risky and menial. There is also a lack of infrastructures such as proper roads,...
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