Soc 120 Check Point Week 7

Topics: City, Population, Urbanization Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: January 20, 2013
CheckPoint Week 7 Urbanization Trends
Dec 7, 2012
Nicole Taylor

CheckPoint Week 7 Urbanization Trends
As people living in poor areas in more of a rural setting find it harder and harder to be able to find ways to feed their families they tend to move to the city in search of work, survival and the hope for a better life. When all the natural resources have been used up in an area, one has no choice but to move if they are going to survive. Urbanization is caused by migration of people to an area that cannot support all the people who migrate. Also people who are frustrated or wanting more out of life will also migrate to see what they can find by means of being with more people and having more out of life. “All future population growth will occur in urban areas, both from natural increase (births over deaths) and rural to urban migration.” (Population Connection, 2012). Lagos is a poor city in Nigeria where urbanization has occurred because the population of Lagos has increased. People began moving to Lagos because of economic opportunities, the attraction of the city, of a better life, to be able to obtain provision of services needed that could not be found in rural areas such as medical / health facilities, education, community facilities and because in the rural areas surrounding Lagos the population had increased yet the agricultural supplies used to support large numbers of people and decreased forcing people to move from other areas in Nigeria to Lagos. The building of additional sections of the city to accommodate all the people who had migrated there along with urban centers usually in or near the center of the city. As more people migrated there the need for more housing increased. (Griffin, 1967) (, 2012)

(, 2012)
Lagos, Nigeria, Africa's second fastest growing city at 4.44% a year. With this increase in population and with exports of goods and services showing an increase however not one that...
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